The Examination – Quadriptych




The examination is the journey from A: shame, though B: guilt, to C: the point of decision.

You receive a call demanding your presence. You present yourself at the appointed place and hour. The examination commences. You stand as an object of the surveying institution. The purpose of the examination is to establish the particular facts of your being. There is a voice reverberating throughout the space around you. It multiplies and resonates within you; gentle at first, growing ever more forceful. The cold air and the omnipresent invisible gaze of truth touch your skin making your flesh tremble. You turn blue. You are turned blue. The turning. There is nowhere to hide. You always occupy the same amount of space. No one has your back. You start to feel exposed. Exposure is what is demanded from deep within.

The measurement is done. Are they tailoring you for a new suit? Are you going to fit in? They hand you the key to your own future. The people in white declare the examination over. You are free to go. You look at the key in your hand. You look at the door in front of you.


Oil on board

16”x24” (40x61cm) each panel